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    Body Contouring

    We are excited to offer world-leading, award-winning body contouring solutions in our Cape Town and Johannesburg practices. If you are looking to slim, tighten your skin, treat cellulite or stretch marks, tone muscles or even get a six-pack or lift your bum, we have fantastic solutions with proven results, non-surgical and no downtime.

    Our body contouring clinic features sophisticated equipment rated highly worldwide. Bringing together wide expertise in the field of body contouring and extensive medical experience we have developed various treatment plans adjustable to particular issues faced by our patients.

    We advocate the use of treatment combinations for the most effective outcome. For fat reduction, we are likely to recommend a combination of X-wave (to increase circulation in the area and treat cellulite), Exilis RF (to tighten the area) and Vanquish (for fat disruption). Although these treatments will yield results as standalone options, the most advanced result may require a combination.

    Our therapists are highly trained and experienced to safely and effectively deliver treatments. We have a holistic and individualized approach to our patient’s needs. We advise on other measures, such as lifestyle and dietary modifications that can assist the process. We are here to help you attain the result you desire.

    Book your consultation to discuss your vision for your body and we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan addressing your expectations. We would love to take on a journey to your body goals and deliver amazing results you are looking for.

    The first and currently the only clinic in South Africa to offer muscle toning with Emsculpt and slimming with Vanquish Me. All treatments have been FDA approved and have supporting trials for their effectiveness and safety


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